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How to book and other FAQs

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How do I book one or both of the wedding cars

I refer the personal touch so you can phone on 07976 515408 to discuss your requirements or use my contact page.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Duration & details

How long can I hire the cars for?

The minimum hire period for wedding cars is three hours. This is from the time we are requested to be at the pickup address (usually 15 minutes prior to departure) until the time we leave the reception. If you are unsure of whether you might need additional time for your wedding car hire, please consult us

Can you supply Champagne in the wedding cars?

We regret that due to licensing laws we are unable to supply any alcohol. However, you are welcome to supply your own.

Are you able to accommodate large wedding dresses and trains?

Generally, yes.  Both cars are quite big with plenty of room inside.  If in doubt, please ask.

How are the cars decorated?

Normally they come with Ivory or White ribbons and bows. We can, however, supply most other colours, (subject to availability). Please ask so we can ensure we get them.

How far in advance should we book?

Once you have decided, we suggest you book as soon as possible.  When you ask for an estimate, I will hold the date for you for 5 days.  After that the day will be released. I can take booking up to a year in advance.

Can we view the wedding cars prior to booking them?

Yes. However, the cars are stored at different locations and get moved around as required. You are welcome to phone and make an appointment.

Guest Transportation

Can you take other guests in the wedding cars before or after the bride?

Yes, we can run two, or possibly more, journeys provided the journey time from house to the ceremony is not too far.  Both cars can take up to 5 passengers.

The Cars

Both cars are now over 60 years old.  They do not have seat belts fitted or air bags. Therefor we cannot legally take any child under 4 years of age.  Any older child must be supervised by an adult.

Although not legally required, both cars are MOTed and regularly serviced.

The Drivers (Chauffeurs)

Who are the drivers?

Usually I will drive myself, sometimes I will bring in another driver to help. All of us are very experienced and well use to driving this type of car and also left hand drive.

How are the drivers dressed?

I usually wear a Chauffeurs uniform or a suit which ever you refer. I can try and fit in with any theme you may have. I.e. 50s. Any other driver may only have a dark suit, I will advise you prior to the day.

The following questions only apply if you book directly though me.  If you book though an agency, they will have different arrangements

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is 10% per car, payable when you reserve.

Can I secure the wedding car prior to sending the deposit and booking form?

Yes. We are more than happy to reserve the car for 5 days to give you plenty of time to send us the completed booking form and the deposit. If you require longer just give me a call.

When is the balance due for our wedding car?

The final balance is normally due 4 weeks prior to the wedding. We send you a final invoice well ahead of time. For last minute bookings ASP

How can I pay

I can take cheque, cash, bank transfer or PayPal payment.

Will we receive a receipt?

Yes, if you want one.  PayPal does this for you.  We will also send confirmation with a copy of the itinerary.

What happens if things go wrong on the day.

We will always do our best to get things right. But unfortunately, things can go wrong.  I will always speak to you a few weeks before the wedding to check on arrangements.  You will have my mobile number and I will ask for other contact numbers from you. Don’t worry, you will always get to the ceremony, even if it is by taxi.

Cancellations & refunds

Is the deposit refundable?

If we have to cancel then yes, plus any other money you have paid.  If you cancel see below.

Are there cancellation charges?

If you cancel the contract at any time up to 6 weeks before the wedding day, I will refund your deposit less any expenses incurred.

If you cancel after that then the deposit is not refundable.

Is there any advantage booking though an agency?

Possibly.  You will pay slightly more but you get the advantage of a professional agent with more resources and they will handle some of the administration for you. Also, if you require any other transport, they can handle that.

I can recommend the following agents:

Wedding Car Hire People You can also get an instant quote though them if you prefer.

Premier Carriage For Katie

Premier Carrage for the Beast

How do you keep your wedding cars in tip top condition?

To be honest, although the cars are over 60 years old, they don’t require a lot of maintenance.  However, both cars are regularly serviced and MOTed by Lights Cars Action near Bordon. Any specialist jobs can also be carried out by RPM American Muscle Car Specialists in Aldershot.

Any other simple jobs are carried out by us.  Both cars are rigorously cleaned and checked before every wedding. Hopefully this gives you peace of mind when booking.

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