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Picture of Edsel

1958 Ford-Edsel Ranger "Katie"

Hello I am Katie Ford-Edsel. Although I was born into the Ford family, I was given the Edsel name after Henry Fords’ son.  When I came to England, a few years ago, I was given a full makeover. After that I become known as "Katie Pretty in Pink". Can you see why?  I now work hard doing wedding and would love to help make your day special.

Because of my colour and styling I am a fairly rare car.  With my twin headlamps, tall Art Deco radiator and wide, low rise rear tail fins my classic look really makes me stand out in a crowd.  My long and wide body gives you plenty of room for that beautiful wedding dress.  

I spent my youth in the era of Elvis the King and Bill Hailey Rocked Around The Clock.  Recently I have done a few Photo Shots, which gives me the chance to show off my good looks.

I can carry up to 5 passengers along with my driver. Therefor if you want to move lots of people, I am ideal. I love people.

My 5.9 litre V8 engine just purrs along when cruising.  Although I am not very noisy I seem to attract a lot of admirers and enjoy stopping for a chat.  

So if you fancy a car that epitomises the American fifties and takes fantastic photos, then you’ll be proud to be seen with me.  


Bridsmaids by the Edsel
Smartdrive Wedding Cars. Edsel at Hartly Whitney Victoria Village Hall
Bride and Grome very happy at their wedding reception in Hartley Whitney.
Edsel interior
My Gold and Cream interior
Front of Edsel of photo shot
This is me on my photo shoot.

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